Your audience wants more! That usually starts with adding your slides to their notebooks for future reference. Now there is a quick and easy way to have your audience members request your slides automatically.



Coming home after being on the road is great—except when you have a stack full of business cards from attendees who want a copy of your slides. SlideZip takes that headache away from you, and keeps going for days after the presentation ends.

Party On

Party On

Why should the party stop when you step off the stage? Countless industry luminaries teach us to build tribes, keep them in the loop, and contribute content that they can use in their daily lives. SlideZip seamlessly integrates with MailChimp to do just that!


The features you need. It'll blow your mind.

From one speaker to another, in order to build a brand and a tribe, you must find a way to interact with your audience after you leave the stage. How many times have you seen people take pictures of your slides, fiddling with their camera phone to get it right, all while missing the most important part—your message. Start off the talk by telling your audience they will get instructions at the end to receive the deck, and it happens automatically without your involvement. That's called scale!


Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Sign up and get a Zip on the house! And this isn't some half-feature trial. You will get MailChimp integration, QR codes, email codes, and a short URL all for your audience. Let them choose the best way to communicate with you, but most importantly you get to try out a tool that will automate the most tedious part of delivering your message!

SlideZip Plans For You!

Feature Free Unlimited Conference

Customize your Zip Name
When you join, you are assigned a random public ID for your attendees to receive slides from you. You can make it custom if you like!

MailChimp Integration
Want to optionally offer your attendees access to a mailing list to keep the conversation going (don't worry, they have to confirm)? We integrate with MailChimp!

Email codes
Let your attendees send a quick email for the slides. This is by far the most popular delivery option.

QR Codes
Let your attendees scan a QR code for the slides.

Zip Expiration
Only want your Zip to exist for a limited time? We can do that!

Unlimited Zips
UNLIMITED POWEEERRRR! Or, well at least, the power to create unlimited Zips!

Conference Sponsored
Conference accounts are meant for the big guys who want to use SlideZip as their main delivery platform to engage attendees around content delivery.

Unlimited Child Accounts
The best part of conference accounts is having the ability to group by event! Here you can create unlimited sub-accounts.

Contextual Sub Accounts
Sub accounts will contextually only be able to see their Zips. Organize by tracks or by events!